We introduce the technology of Fasford Technology, which boasts the world's top share of the memory die bonder market.

Technology 1
Low stress die picking up technology
Low stress die picking up technology
It handles the thin, brittle dies gently and carefully.
The technology to pick up fixed dies without putting stress on them. The thickness of a die is between 25 and 50㎛ and it is as thin as a plastic bag. This is why it is very fragile and breaks easily with force like a plate of glass. Fasford Technology Co., Ltd.'s die bonder has a technology which can treat such thin and fragile die without stress by picking it up with vacuum adsorption in the same time than pushing it up from the bottom.
Technology 2
High quality die stacking technology
High quality die stacking technology
It is able to place dies precisely in the right position, without deviating an inch.
The technology to place and stack the picked up dies in the exact position.
This is a very important technology as "Memory Capacity Increase" becomes possible by rising the die stacking amount.
A compact recording medium with a large memory capacity will be made by stacking many of the thinner dies and it realizes the miniaturization of the device which install the medium.