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Digital products make our life more convenient and improve the way we live. A semiconductor is a part in those products that works an important role. Fasford Technology supports the future of both Japan and the world through manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment "Die Bonder".

Corporate Philosophy

We hold a high market share in the global
industry of die bonder equipment.

We, Fasford Technology have 3 different series in our die bonder equipment lineup, which are "DB850", "DB830Plus+" and "DD100".
They are essential equipment for the manufacturing process of NAND-Flash memory and LPDRAM. NAND-Flash memory is used in SD cards, smartphones and SSD, and LPDRAM is a low power consuming main memory used in smartphones and mobile PCs, etc.

Product Information


Fasford Technology's business vision is to "Lead the world with our bonding technology". Here, we'd like to talk about our globally recognized advanced technology.



We're going to explain about die bonder, of which Fasford Technology proudly holds a high market share in the global industry, and also talk about what we do.



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