Corporate Philosophy

Using “Speed” as our motto, persue growth along with our customers and partners.
Lead the world in bonding technology
From Yamanashi to the world. As it is expected that there will be even more demand for semiconductors due to the spread of IoT and so on, we are going to contribute to the demand and lead the world with our bonding technology of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
The triple win situation: a win for customers, for business partners, and for ourselves. The success of all three is our ultimate aim.

  • All for the success of all client

    “All for the success of all client”
    Aim to establish a presence where we can help the client and where the client is dependent on us.
  • Take initiatives together and grow together

    “Take initiatives together and grow together”
    Aim for a relationship where all partners move forward together.
  • Create smiles and make progress with smiles

    “Create smiles and make progress with smiles”
    Find ways to achieve a community that is rewarding for each person, and they can achieve growth and build real experience.