Procurement Policy

Basic Policy

We aim for building a continuing "Win-Win-Win" relationship among our customers, partners (our business partners) and Fasford Technology Co., Ltd.

Conduct Guidelines

We try our best to build trust with our business partners according to the following conduct guidelines regarding procurement, as described on "Fasford Technology Co., Ltd. Forms of Conduct".

  1. We build good partnerships with our purchasing business partners while trying to maintain and improve our mutual understandings and trust relationships from a long-term perspective.
  2. We have a wide view over the world and develop the best purchasing business partners in an effort to maintain market competition.
  3. We choose our business partners in an appropriate and fair way by evaluating them carefully to see if they fulfill their social responsibilities on various conditions, such as not only their quality of materials, reliability, delivery, price, management stability, and capabilities for technological development, but also whether they have a fair and highly transparent way of disclosing information, are complying with the law and social norms, have respect for human rights, eliminate unfair discrimination concerning employment and occupation, eliminate child labor and forced labor, participate in activities for environmental conservation, contribute to society, create comfortable workplaces, share our sense of social responsibility to their business partners, and so on.
  4. We do not receive any private benefits from our purchasing business partners upon our purchasing transactions.
  5. We correspond in a fair and sincere way with each of our purchasing business partners. Moreover, we try our best to keep confidential information and private information of our purchasing business partners confidential.
  6. We conduct procurement activities in accordance with proper procedures following our internal rules.