SiP Bonder DB Series



DD100 seriesThe DD100 (Dual pickup bond head & Dual lane) is a high-speed, high-performance die bonder optimized for SiP assembly. In addition to an intermediate stage, it features a newly developed dual pickup bond head unit, which makes it the perfect choice for thin die and multilayer bonding applications. The newly developed dual lane design enables wafer category sorting, for easy adaptation to various production formats.


High quality / High productivity
  • Newly developed dual pickup bond head & dual lane design in combination with an intermediate stage realizes high quality and high productivity
Support for various production formats
  • Newly developed dual lane enables wafer category sorting and provides support for production of different types of products
Thin die bonding technology
  • Thin die pickup is made possible by multi-stage pushup method etc.
  • Versatile bonding sequence control reduces die stresses

Product lineup

  • DD100
  • DD100F