SiP Bonder DB Series



DB-800 seriesThe DB830plus+ is a high-speed, high-performance die bonder optimized for SiP assembly. It supports 300 mm wafers and represents another leap forward in the DB-800 series.
Thanks to the use of an intermediate stage and support for clean operation that reduces particle contamination during multilayering, the product is ideal for thin die and multi-stage bonding applications.


High quality / High productivity
Use of intermediate stage ensures high quality and high productivity
Multilayering support
  • Integrated vision system with position correction
  • Clean operation support reduces particle contamination during multilayering
Thin die bonding technology
  • Multi-stage pickup enables thin die pickup operation
  • Wide variety of bonding sequences helps to reduce die stresses

Product lineup

  • DB830plus+
  • DB830plus
  • DB830P
  • DB830
  • DB800HSL